Saturday, May 5, 2012

Top 5 Sundays #1 - Weirdest Reading Spots!

So, I am totally stealing this little idea from Larissa over at Larrisa's Bookish Life. The theme is my top five weirdest reading spots and, gods know, I've read in some pretty weird places. Sometimes while doing some pretty weird things. Honestly, the trick more often than not is getting the book to remain open without damaging the spine and once you've got it open how to turn the pages thereafter. Incidentally, e-readers have made this SO much easier, although I'm still more about the print. Mass Market if want to be specific.

Anywhos, without further adieu, I give you Calliope's Domain's Top 5 Weirdest Reading Spots.

#5 - Walking

Sure, Belle makes it look easy - especially in the sequence where she just automatically raises her hand to lift the sign and divert the dirty water being dropped from above - but reading while you walk is actually something of an art and like all art forms it's a lot easier to get into the groove with practice, sure, but the actual execution is still tricky. Especially when you're walking strange streets.

#4 - In the Car

 I honestly never could understand it when people said they got sick while reading in the car. Since Kindergarten, I've been reading in moving vehicles of one kind or another. Ever sit in the back of the bus? Kind of bouncy back there especially if you happen to live out in the country like me. How about being in the passenger seat while driving through a thunderstorm with the world's most nervous driver? If you can read through that, you can read through anything.

#3 - On the Stairs

Ultimately, the weirdness of this spot comes down to the stairs. Specifically, how narrow, steep and busy they happen to be. Sure, in a deserted area with adequately sized stairs this is a piece of cake. Narrower stairs, steeper inclines and actual traffic however can makes this a wee bit complicated. Especially when you've just reached the good part and refuse to be budged.

#2 - Playing at Mermaid

Add water to any reading experience and things are gonna get a mite tricky. Now me, lucky girl that I am, not only got to grow up in the country, I got grow up a literal hop, skip and a jump away from a river. Very pretty in the summer. Nice open space which meant plenty of sunshine. The hard part was finding a place where you could sit or lounge or what have you without risking your book to Ariel's grotto.

#1 - In a Willow Tree

So, that river I mentioned? Well, it just happened to have an enormous Hydro dam spanning it not all that far from my house and said Hydro dam had one of those sprawling green spaces surrounding it which happened to have several willow trees dotted about. Now, honestly, I'm not really sure whether it was harder getting up the tree to an adequate branch (and may I say few things are more aggravating than spending fifteen minutes climbing a tree only to get settled and realize the book is back on the ground) or balancing comfortably on said adequate branch once you get there.

And there you have it - my Top 5. Hopefully this will pop up again next week. Until then...over and out, mes amours!

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Unknown said...

Lol great picks! I' totally read many times while walking and in a car... Dd to that an elevator LOL

Awesome to see you participate ship #2!