Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Feature: Elementary, My Dear - Explanation

In my infinite wisdom, I've come to the conclusion that Calliope's Domain needs a unique feature all its own. Yes, yes, there are reviews and interviews and Top 5 Sundays, but what this blog needs is something that helps it to stand out, that makes it unique, that will help it be heard from the tangled depths of this blogger's jungle. That it will have the added bonus, er, I mean consequence of killing a couple hours of my time...well, that is a sacrifice I am prepared and willing to make. Because that's just the sort of blogger I am - the sacrificial sort. Although now that I write that I'm not entirely sure it means what I think it does...but you get the idea. I hope.

By this point, I'm sure anyone still reading is rolling their eyes and grumbling at me to just get on with it. I get on with it I shall. This new feature I've thought up is going to be call "Elementary, My Dear." It feature will be a weekly (although, once school commences in the fall it may become biweekly) exploration of one element or another that make up the sort books Calliope's Domain promotes, namely urban fantasy, paranormal romance and whatever-I-happened-to-pick-up-and-find-intriguing. Once blog traffic picks up, there will actually be a weekly poll on the topic, much like Larissa of Larissa's Bookish Life now hosts for the Top 5 Sundays theme. 

So. There you have it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Critique? Head to the comments and let me have it!

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