Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sulkathon 2011

Hello my little lovelies, have you missed me? Yes, I know, once again real life has gotten in the way of our time together and I've been a bit (ok, ok, a LOT) MIA of late. But, don't despair! Because, yep, I'm back! Again!

For those of you out of the loop, this week is when some of North America's best and brightest writers, along with thousands of their loyal fans, converge in L.A. for the Romantic Times Convention. And then there are those who DON'T converge in L.A. for the Romantic Times Convention, such as yours truly. And I'm not alone. Stacia Kane, author of the incredibly original Downside series, decided to fight back by putting together SULKATHON 2011, where we prove we can have our own damn fun all by our damn selves. To can get the full scoop on her blog, but the gist of it is that those left out of RT and instead are left to wallow in disappointment and angst gather together on Twitter to sulk because, as you know, misery loves companies.

Oh, but did I mention the contests? The giveaways? The chatting in jammies into the wee hours of the morning under the hashtag #SK11? No? Well, maybe you should go check it out, don't you think? Like, NOW - Because this weekend we are redefining sulk and showing the world that we don't need RT to have fun!

But, WAIT! Before you go rushing off to check it out the awesomeness there's something you should know. On Saturday, you'll be able to find an interview and giveaway with Angie Fox right here on Calliope's Domain. And, yeah, way behind me will FINALLY be getting around to posting some reviews of the books I've read in 2011 as well as some other updates, so stay tuned!

That is all. You may now go check out the deets on Sulkathon 2011.

Seriously. Go. Now. ENJOY.

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